Knx Ger Auml


ComBridge Studio Suite  v.2. 4. 2002

The IPAS ComBridge Studio Suite is a software package that offer a wide spectrum of applications.

SFUTerminal  v.6 14

SFU Terminal - Configuration and Setup Software for all frequency converters. l project data can be edited and stored in a project file for later use. Converters before Jan 2005 can be preset through the menue 'version'.


NETxKNX OPC Server - Direct (KNX)  v.3 5

NETxKNX OPC Server is a system that allows the control and - in connection with an applicable OPC client - the visualization of small KNX plants. It builds a connection between the world of KNX and other systems.

MatrikonOPC Server for KNX  v.1 9

The KNX OPC Server from MatrikonOPC provides secure and reliable real-time data access between all KNX and any OPC-enabled applications such as Historians, HMIs, and SCADA ...etc.

KNX support for mControl  v.

KNX support for mControl is a complement addon where you can control KNX(EIB), ISO/IEC 14543, building automation systems from mControl. mControl is a software for your digital home. From your Media Center PC,

Lustige Geräusche  v.

Es gibt nichts was Kinder mehr zum Lachen bringt als ein seltsames Geräusch! ?? Kannst du dir vorstellen was für Geräusche aus dem Badezimmer kommen, wenn kleine Mädchen oder Jungs dort sind?? Oder wenn ein Clown auf einem Ball herumspringt??

Der Gerät  v.

"Der Gerät wird nie müde, Der Gerät schläft nie ein, Der Gerät ist immer vor der Chef im Geschäft und schneidet das Dönerfleisch schweißfrei." Besiege Der Gerät beim Dönerfleisch schneiden und erziele den höchst möglichen Highscore!

RCTools-KNX  v.1 13

RCTools is a powerful and easy to use PC suite that helps you during test, development and deployment of the Radiocrafts modules. The RCTools includes stand alone applications running under windows .Net Framework.

Geräusche auf dem Bauernhof  v.

** Kikieriki macht der Hahn, ein neuer Tag beginnt. Willkommen auf dem Bauernhof von Touchybooks! ** Der Hahn kündigt mit seinem Kikeriki den Morgen an, die Kuh muht und gibt Milch, die Hühner gackern und legen Eier und ab und zu werden die

Language Teacher 2000 Eng-Ger  v.

Ectaco Language Teacher for Windows is a software version of the Language Teacher electronic handheld dictionaries of Ectaco, Inc. You can use it on any personal computer with the Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP operating system.

Lectramini Ger  v.3.01.0007

With LECTRAMINI you can get some practice in reading. Many exercises (6) are proposed, so you can systematically work the basic abilities of the reading act: the perceptive skill, the knowledge of vocabulary, anticipation, selective reading...

Vocabularist.Diet GER  v.

The Diet Edition of Vocabularist German is here!!! We kept the popular features from the full version, such as shake to see the next word and live tile, and added a ton of new features: WORD LIST Now you get a set list of 200 words to learn and as

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